How Strong Are Metal Zip Ties?

Not surprisingly, the answer to this question is variable. The thickness of the metal ties or cable ties will determine how strong they are. For example, a 0.12″ thick tie will be stronger than one that is only 0.08″ thick. Zip ties can also be made of stainless steel which provide greater strength and corrosion resistance than those made with aluminum or zinc plated steel cable as well as polyester material which resists damage from UV rays better than nylon zip ties do which provides for longer life in outdoor applications.

Assist hold on conductors

Cable ties are typically used to fasten cables together. The strips are threaded through the openings on the cable and then tightened by pulling back on the free end of the tie.

Custom Cables, Inc. provides a range of cable ties in custom lengths that can be used for a variety of applications such as securing cable bundles, assembly line labeling, and product identification.

Metal Zip ties may also be used as a tie-down to hold down a load. A ratchet type of wrench may be used to tighten the zip tie. Zip ties are not as strong as rope, cable or chain but are cheaper. Some kinds of zip ties are considered disposable within the meaning of the law, since they do not usually have any resale value after being opened by cutting them with a pair of scissors (or by hand, if the user has finger nails long enough).

# Are stainless steel cable ties strong?

Yes. Stainless steel Type 304 cable ties are as strong as or stronger than aluminum and zinc plated steel cable ties.

# Are polyester cable ties strong?

Polyester zip ties are suitable for outdoor use because they are UV resistant. They offer stronger resistance to abrasion and have longer life than nylon zip ties do.
They are not as strong as stainless steel cable ties.

# Are zip tie extensions strong?

Yes. They may be used instead of full size zip ties to secure cables together in a variety of applications where they are held securely, without fasteners. They are only meant for temporary use and the liability is on the end user if they fail to meet their intended use specification.

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