How Do You Lock Zip Ties?

Zip ties are a great tool to have when putting up posters, tacking up sheets of plastic for painting, or organizing cables. This post will show you how to lock zip ties so that they stay in place!

First, make sure the ends overlap by about an inch. Then slide the bottom side under the top one and pull it through until they meet; this will lock the two together.

# What are zip ties used for?

Zip ties called as Cable tiles which are used to bundle items together by preventing them from getting loose.

# How can I lock zip ties?

There are two methods of locking zip ties:

  • Method #1 – The T-Lock Method
    Using a small ball of electrical tape, wrap the two ends around one another and stick the tape to itself. It will form a cylindrical shape. If you place this next to the zip tie at an angle, it will look like a “T”.
  • Method #2 – The Overlapped method
    Pull the zip tie through the first layer of overlapping zip ties to lock it; the two layers will lock into place.

# How much weight can a zip tie hold?

In most cases, zip ties will hold up very well to holding a small weight. However, be wary that they may break under extreme pressure.

# How can I remove zip ties?

Although in most cases it is not necessary to remove zip ties, it is possible to do so if you are using multiple layers or if they are not T-locked. To remove a lock, first cut the side of the zip tie where you can see the locking teeth. Then pull out the tape from wherever it is wedged and pull apart.

# How long will zip ties last?

In most cases, zip ties will last about a year. However, be wary that they may break under extreme pressure.

# How can I store loose zip ties?

Zip ties should not be stored in direct sunlight or near a fire. If left stretched out, they can be probably destroyed by being caught in a fire or melted by heat from the sun.

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