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Paul C. Taylor  
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The Execution Will Not Be Televised
(for Mumia Abu-Jamal and Gil Scott-Heron)

You will not be able to stay home
You will not be able to tune in and veg out
You will not be able to raid your GE refrigerator during commercials
Because the execution does not bring good things to life
And the execution will not be televised

The execution is not an IBM e-business solution
The execution will not be seen on NBC now more than ever
The execution will not exhort you to just do it
To do the dew
Or to be like Mike
Because the execution
Will not be televised

The execution is nothing it obeys our thirst
The execution does not taste great
Though it is less filling
The execution is not fan

Perry Mason will not save the day with a last act plot twist
The Power Rangers will not somersault to the rescue on crayon colored arcs of light
There will be no big screen spin-offs
With hit singles and action figures

Kool-Aid will not hear the call
And ride his stubby legs through the prison wall
And straddle the rubble with an ebony smile
Stretched wide across his sugar-filled crimson belly

None of that can happen
Because the execution
Will not be televised

You can‚t see the video in the privacy of your home
You can‚t write or call for a transcript
But if you are able to stay home
If you are able to tune out and veg out
If you keep on waiting and waiting
It‚ll sure enough
Be in the paper

Paul C. Taylor



Paul C. Taylor reads "The Execution Will Not Be Televised" (requires Quicktime)
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